Between Sea and Land

Imagining the future of the left bank of the port of Vannes

Together with the architecture firm D&A, Orchestra studio was involved in the development of a placemaking  concept for the public spaces on the banks of the Marle Canal in the city of Vannes.

Vannes, France
2018 — present
City of Vannes


Vannes is a medieval port city with a history of over 2,000 years. It is located in one of the most picturesque bays in the world, at the confluence of the Marle River into the Gulf of Morbihan. Vanne’s symbol is the «Sinagot», a traditional fishing boat with red sails.


Two strategies are used in planning the embankment:

— to maximize the area of ​​public spaces and open access to the canal, giving the citizens the opportunity to be in the natural environment and be closer to the water.

— «invite» residents and tourists on a journey along a route with objects of a marine theme, inspired by the annual red sails festival.

The promenade along the canal changes its functions and character along the way, but shares the same design identity.


In the past, the Drydock was a place for launching ships into the harbor, and now a favorite space for relaxing by the water. Here we recreate the connection with maritime history: in the evening, thematic silent old documentaries from the Cinematheque of Brittany will be shown in this area through a projection box, and in winter, a historic ship with red sails will moor at the parking lot.

Belvedere zone

In a place of strong relief, a large children's open playground with maritime theme was located. Here you can admire the pier and the canal from the observation deck and go kayaking.

Nouveaux chantiers zone

The old docks located in this area will be home to modern small industries and creative projects. They will house a fab lab, a co-working space for nautical tech start-ups, and a street art center, as well as workshops for residents and tourists to learn about ship modeling.

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