Urban development strategies 

We create comprehensive urban development projects that take into account all aspects, from economics and ecology to culture and local identity. Our work is based on a thorough analysis of the potentials and problems of a territory combined with a strategy of «mobilisation»: expert interviews, thematic seminars, online participatory process and on-site activation are among the tools we use. Detailed roadmaps of our strategies and concepts allow us to move forward from quick activations of spaces by events to large-term transformations.

Public Spaces and masterplans

We design inclusive public spaces which reconnects citizens with their environment and to the sense of community belonging, based on the identity of the territory and the needs of residents. We use a placemaking approach to design unique interventions on the space to reinforce the identity of the place.

Architectural Design

We specialize in designing cultural centers and clusters. Our team believes that the quality of architectural decisions is largely determined by their contribution to the preservation of the tangible and intangible heritage of the place. We work closely with potential users and find future operators and partners, involving them in design. This allows to create hyper-mixed spaces that are open to various initiatives and capable to evolve.

Cultural Programming of Public Spaces

We develop social and cultural concepts for open public spaces and cultural sites in collaboration with partners and local communities. Orchestra’s mission is to provide residents with the opportunity to create a cultural agenda themselves, so we pay special attention to educational programs that give them the skills they need. We take into account all functions of a space, from a year-round event line-up to everyday services to make it self-sustainable and active at any particular moment.

Participatory design, Placemaking and Activation 

We involve stakeholders at all stages of the creation and implementation of a project so they become its co-authors. To do this, we use participatory design tools such as sociocultural research, selected interviews, online participatory website, strategic sessions and workshops. An important part of ​​our expertise is the quick activation of spaces by activists and communities: by organizing a street art festival or creating temporary landscape solutions, we show the potentials of the place and inspire people.

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