Rediscover river Vyazma

Renovation of the Red Sosenki recreation area in Teykovo

Our project for the renovation of public spaces in Teykovo won first place in its category in the competition «Small Towns and Historical Settlements» of the Ministry of Construction of Russia in 2019. The main goal of the project is to connect the different centers of the city through a river walk.

Teikovo, Ivanovo Region
First stage of implementation
Administration of the Teikovsky Urban District, Government of the Ivanovo Region
Center for Territorial Development of the Ivanovo Region
Oleg Pavlov, Yaroslav Bakal


Since 1961, Teykovo has seen the installation of a large military unit. has been stationed in Teikovo. Once a closed city, Teykovo is now open but mentally and spatially divided


New public spaces along the river will be connected by a system of routes: walking, cycling, sports («health path»). On the axis along the river, special objects are planned on the location of historical «washing houses» used by the textile industry, to reinforce the place making.


Wash Houses

Designed for rinsing fabrics from the main textile factory, the wash houses were  a familiar sign of Teikovo’s weaving past and an important part of the city’s historical identity. The wash houses were dismantled over the years, but our project proposed to create thematic recreational platforms on the river telling the socio-cultural meanings of the river: «On socialization», «On nature», «On connection with the river», «On production», «On textiles».

On socialization. Here you can make appointments with friends and chat — after all, in the old days, women who came to rinse fabrics on Vyazma chatted and exchanged news with pleasure.

About Textiles. Dense fabrics are hung around the platform, where you can get acquainted with the history of Ivanovo textiles.

About connection with the river. A distinctive feature of this wash house  is a frame from which streams of water flow into the river, as a symbol of its importance  in local textile production.

Recreation area "Red pines"

In 2020, the first stage of the project was implemented around the recreation area «Red pines», located next to an old red pine forest. A city beach was created along the  Vyazma embankment with three distinct piers for fishing and recreational activities, a playground made from tree trunks, and a picnic area. An amphitheater was located on one side of a large pond, and next to it is a small stage for community events. The natural character of the zone is emphasized by the smooth curves of the new paths inscribed in the relief.


The project integrated an abandoned bunker near the pond in the project. To soften the perception of the building, we placed a light installation on its roof: a «forest» of column lamps becomes an unusual play area in the evening and reveals the presence of the bunker below. The bunker itself will open in the future as a platform for exhibitions of works by video art artists.


Perforated Corten as a signature material

The old bridge across the pond was reconstructed with perforated Corten steel sheets for railings. The corten sheets, which are also used for the amphitheater and piers, are perforated with a specially designed ornament: it combines the symbols of the military history (stars) and traditional patterns of local industrial production. The reddish hue of corten also fits in well with the natural environment and complements the «warmth» of the wooden elements.


The lighting of the territory respects the natural character of the site, with dim lighting along the paths. Only activity zones are highlighted with bright illumination, for example, the stage and the playground. Bird houses were located on the trees with some of them having solar panels on the roof feeding a light bulb from the inside making it a poetic installation.


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