The tell of two squares

Open houses for two squares of the city of Dyurtuli

The project for the development of two public spaces, the central Lenin Square and the territory of the former brewery, in the Bashkir city of Dyurtyuli won the All-Russian competition of small towns and historical settlements in 2020.

Dyurtyuli, Bashkortostan
2019 — 2021
Institute for Urban Development of Bashkortostan


Dyurtyuli, like many small towns in Eastern Europe, is facing the problem of the outflow of young people to larger cities. However, citizens of Dyurtyuli who left show a strong attachment to their native city. The city is missing this potential by not offering young people opportunities for self-realization and creative leisure.


The concept of home is an important part of the local culture of Dyurtyuli. The very name «Dyurtyuli» is translated from Tatar as «four houses» («өй» — house). At the same time, residents want Dyurtyuli to become a full-fledged city — now there is a strong rural attitude here. Otkröy City is a project that creates an open dialogue space that preserves the traditional feeling of home in a new urban environment.


Two squares - connected cente

The project connected Lenin Square and the former brewery, the new and old districts of Dyurtyuli, formed a full-fledged urban center and launched a long-term strategy for urban transformation. The redevelopment of the factory territory has created an active public space for young people, and the renovation of Lenin Square has created a platform for dialogue and joint actions between the administration and residents.

Street art festival "I am Dyurtyuli"

As part of the involvement of citizens in the project, we organized and held the first winter festival of street art in Dyurtyuli. Artists invited from Ufa Oleg Kaibyshev, Rimad Nillumtakh and Mansur Ziyaev helped the participants create portraits of themselves in the future — the works were exhibited in a local shopping center. The festival helped us make sure that the local youth is interested in creative projects, and laid the foundation for working with the public spaces of Dyurtyuli.


Zerno site: city projects incubator

The territory of the former brewery has become a place of youth activity. A park with a street stage, an amphitheater and sports grounds appeared here, as well as an Otkröy pavilion for communication and events. The main building of the brewery is supposed to be reconstructed for an incubator of urban projects and a center for additional education. The project also involves redevelopment with private investment and the creation of commercial space in the northern part of the territory.


Lenin Square: a platform for open dialogue

The central square of the Dyurtuleys has turned into a full-fledged urban «agora». We have preserved the historical appearance of the place and the viewpoints loved by the townspeople, but made the square more comfortable and functionally rich. An amphitheater appeared on the site of a natural elevation difference, and the «Open» pavilion was located nearby for an open dialogue between the administration and citizens. The pavilion is combined with a canopy for small events, socializing and board games.


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